The Speaker

Younge Qu
Product Manager

Younge is a business and technical professional supporting teams to deliver manufacturing software systems within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and cell and gene industry. With over 15 years of experience, Younge is able to provide strategic and tactical consulting support surrounding product and project application management solutions for ERP, MES, LES, automation and other systems.

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About the Webinar

Deep in the preclinical phase of new drug exploration, digital solutions are the last thing on everyone’s mind. Vital lab research and testing results are often stuck on paper, ultimately wasting time, money and effort. There is a better way.

In the first of the Between the Batches Webinar Series, our expert, Younge Qu will dissect this issue of digitizing preclinical processes: the pros and cons and hows and whys.  

In this session, we'll explore:

  • When to start your digital journey
  • Which digital tools can support faster IND submissions
  • Which questions to ask when selecting a software solution
  • How to decide which digital solution is right for your lab and how to grow with it
  • How a top 30 pharma company is using digital solutions to streamline efficiencies and save time

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How digitizing preclinical processes can be the game-changer to accelerate time to market.


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