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Emilee Cook
Director of Product

Emilee Cook is a Director of Product at, leading technology to help Life Sciences companies get life-saving drugs to market faster by connecting global workforces and scaling complex manufacturing. Over her 10 years in life sciences, she’s spent time in R&D producing biomimetic devices at Draper Laboratory, developed Syncade solutions for 260+ customer issues, founded new user-driven product development approaches, and crafted strategies for next-gen pharma solutions at Emerson and now at She recently won Manufacturing Institute’s STEP AHEAD Emerging Leader Award for 2021 for these efforts.

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Next-Gen MES Revealed: Separating Substance from Buzz

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Next-Gen MES is often thrown around as a buzzword, but what does it really mean? Join our latest webinar: "Next-Gen MES Revealed: Separating Substance from Buzz" with Emilee Cook, Director of Product. We'll begin by clarifying what a next-gen MES is not and, debunking common misconceptions.

In this session, we will:

  • Explain the definition and functionality of a next-gen MES, highlighting its unique features.

  • Explore the tangible benefits next-gen MES offers to pharmaceutical manufacturers through real-world examples.

  • Review the requirements for an effective next-gen MES solution.

  • Provide you with a next-gen MES checklist to aid your decision-making process.

Powered by the insights from this webinar, life science professionals can accelerate their digital transformation journey and bring informed insights to their manufacturing workflows.