The Speakers

Michael Martone
Director, Quality Systems  

Michael has a background in Quality, Compliance, & Validation supporting companies within the Medical Device, Pharma, SaaS, & Aerospace industries.

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Quality that Inspires Innovation: A New Era

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Quality has always been essential to pharma manufacturing, but it has become even more critical in recent years. Life sciences is a highly competitive industry with an ongoing influx of new entrants and drugs. Manufacturers must adhere to stringent and ever-changing regulatory guidance while keeping patient safety at the forefront.

Join us for a live webinar with our validation experts Michael Martone and Andrew Benjamin. They will show you how to navigate the changing regulatory landscape, and discuss why organizations are now turning to Quality not just for compliance, but as a source of innovation.

In this session, we will explore:

  • Top trends on quality and validation in the life science industry

  • Best practices for transforming quality from compliance to innovation

  • Key concepts that can help to minimize the burden of validation 

  • Concrete guidance on how to streamline your software validation processes

Andrew Benjamin
Senior Product Marketing Manager 

With a background in SaaS, AI, data and text analytics, and now Pharma manufacturing solutions, Andrew brings a unique perspective built by hands-on experience with today’s leading and emerging technologies.